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What:  A psychological  evaluation is often requested if a parent, teacher or other caregiver believe a child is struggling  more than their same aged peers.  The evaluation can be used to help determine a child's learning strengths, difficulties, and limitations.  It can also assess the presence and severity of an emotional or behavioral difficulty.  

Why:  Often times, a psychological evaluation provides diagnostic clarity so that appropriate support can be offered to the child.  Evaluating does not always result in a diagnosis.  The data provided from a thorough evaluation provides a snapshot of a child's current level of functioning. 

How:  The first step in obtaining an evaluation is to schedule an intake with Dr. Rexroth.  The intake is a 60 to 90 minute session that often occurs with the parents only.  This allows for open and honest discussion about strengths and weaknesses, without embarrassing the child.  At that intake appointment,  a testing protocol is discussed, specific to the needs of the child.  If testing is warranted, a testing session will be scheduled.  Each child has their own pace, but generally you should allow 3 to 6 hours (more specific times will be determined at the intake).  Testing can be a long day  for your child.  Make sure they get plenty of rest the night before and have breakfast or a healthy snack before coming in.  They are welcome to bring in snacks for breaks during the testing. 

Who:  Dr. Rexroth administers, scores, and interprets all of the testing. Technicians are not used for any portion of the evaluation.   Depending on the child and the tests administered, parents may be able to observe a portion of the evaluation. There is also a work station, coffee, and wifi for parents who wish to work while their child is being tested. It is REQUIRED that a parent or guardian stay on the premises the duration of testing, unless specific arrangements are made in advance. 

What to expect next: Once testing is completed, we will schedule a feedback session.  During the feedback, you will be provided with an explanation of scores as well as treatment recommendations.  After the session, the report will be completed to include the feedback discussion and sent to you via the patient portal.  

Psychological Evaluation

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