Custody/Parenting Time Evaluations

A Custody/Parenting Time Evaluation requires a good deal of time and energy from everyone involved. It requires a court order and consists of a series of standard interviews and psychological tests administered in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each parent as a parent, and to examine those strengths and weaknesses in light of the specific psychological needs of the children involved. The evaluation produces a report (usually 60 – 75 pages in length) that is delivered to the legal representative of each parent in a timely manner, and includes recommendations to the court regarding the arrangements that will best serve the needs and well-being of the child(ren).

Through decades of experience, I understand the range of emotions and the levels of stress that are occurring for parents who are undergoing a Custody/Parenting Time or Parental Fitness Evaluation. You will be afforded respect and compassion throughout the process.

The process begins by (unfortunately) completing a number of forms before your first visit (see below). In a full custody evaluation, we will spend a few hours with you as an individual, some time observing interaction between you and your child(ren), and some individual time with each child involved who is age six or older. A complete step-by-step description of the custody evaluation process can be obtained from the Procedures document below.