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230 1st Street NE, Carmel IN 46032

Due to the volume of forensic evaluations, sadly, at this time I am no longer able to accept reunification therapy or co-parent coaching cases.

Email: byrdke@gmail.com

Mail: P.O. Box 130, Bloomington IN 47402

I became a licensed psychologist in 1992, and went on to build and maintain successful full-time practices in Nebraska and Ohio before arriving in Indianapolis in 2010.  In addition, I have been extensively involved in university research and teaching (see Curriculum Vita). 

The scope of my therapeutic practice is limited to high-conflict, post-divorce situations. In Reunification Therapy (see menu above) and Co-parenting Counseling (see menu above), I strive to keep the child(ren)'s well being at the center of every session. These approaches are based on teaching skills to manage contentious relationships and the emotions that accompany them, remaining in the present, preventing arguments before they begin, and focusing on solving the problems rather than blame and defensiveness.  I will work collaboratively with parents to establish clear goals and specific plans for achieving them.  It is of the utmost importance for me to provide a safe, reassuring therapeutic environment where the distressing and challenging aspects of parenting and co-parenting can be faced in a way that fosters mastery over the problem area(s) as well as self-acceptance, growth, wholeness and well-being.  

Whether administering custody/parenting time evaluations or psychodiagnostic assessments, my work is always based on up-to-date science and practice.  I taught graduate level Psychological Assessment (Psychometrics) and Developmental Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for 13 years, which allows me to bring to each case a uniquely comprehensive and detailed expertise on test use across a broad range of age groups.  At the same, I strive to integrate assessment findings with a sensitive and thorough understanding of each client as an individual.

I have a 32 year-old son who has exceeded all my hopes in becoming a man of character, compassion, and good will. My life partner, Sue Whiston, is a retired Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Indiana. In my spare time I enjoy composing and recording music in my home studio. Sue and I have traveled extensively and hope to continue doing so.