Domestic Relations Evaluations

Judges will often order psychological evaluations of one or both parents during litigation that involves children and when there are questions regarding parental fitness. These evaluations are generally less involved than custody/parenting time evaluations. For instance, children are usually interviewed and assessed for custody/parenting time evaluations, however, evaluations for domestic cases usually focus primarily on the mental health of the parents as it relates to their ability to  fulfill their roles as parents. Also, these evaluation reports typically do not include specific custody or parenting time recommendations, but may include therapeutic recommendations and address concerns that may pertain to custody or parenting time. Sometimes the judge will only require that one parent or the other undergo an evaluation and sometimes both parents are ordered to submit to an evaluation - depending on the judge's specific concerns.

If you are going to receive a domestic relations evaluation through this office, please print out and complete the forms below and either forward them before your appointment or bring them with you to the appointment.